Darryl Harvey ( )
Tue, 07 Apr 1998 08:34:19 +1000

I am trying to get a secure Site running under IIS V3 under NT4sp3.

I have the certificate installed ok.

I have multiple WWW sites running on this machine, each site has a
different IP address. The Secure site/folder is only meant to run on one
of these sites. I assigned the IP address to the Certificate, but when I
try to link to the secure folder, I can only access it from the main WWW
site, not the virtual site running on the same IP I assigned the

What am I doing wrong?

How do I correctly reference the secure folder?

EG: Site name: Home directory: C:\inetpub\agncroot
Secure Cert: Actual location: C:\inetpub\agncroot\secure Alias
\\secure <- Is this correct ???

If I try to access I get an error

if I try to access I get access which
is wrong and not what I want.

Help anyone,

Darryl Harvey

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