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> You are correct that this is v1.0 for USR. Unfortunately from what I hear
>(called on your behalf to the senior product manager for Netserver) that
>box, for technical reasons, (mostly financial I bet, since Lucent is
>wanting $$$ for the Livingston royalties, since Livingston and USR had
>their spat) will not run the older generation code.

YIKES! I had not heard that it WILL NOT run the older USR code. I just know
they don't ship it with it. You are saying that the old code will not work
in it if I happen to have a copy of it from an older Netserver I have?

> Do you have maintenance on this box? If so call in and ask for the ER
>release of the latest code dealing with the issue.

My 90 days from purchase is about up. I do not have any maintenance contract
with them The least expensive one offered when I called sales recently is
$1495.00 per year. (almost 1/3 the cost of the box itself). I consider this
a bit high if you only have one or two boxes. I would pay $200 for an annual
contract for a box but not $1495.00.

David Payer
OMNI Internet

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