Re: USR Netservers and packet loss

Michael Whisenant ( )
Fri, 03 Apr 1998 10:11:50 -0600


I overstated the solution. I did not read or understand a standalone
Netserver, rather thought your were discussing the Netserver in the Total
Control chassis. They have two router cards in TC, one is Netserver and
the other is HiPer Arc. I have limited experence with the Netserver's, but
have great contacts in USR/3Com. The Netserver + has not only their new
Pilgram code for routing, but improved DSP design. I can say from using
the Pilgram code on the HiPer Arc, that it is not as roubust as it needs to

You are correct that this is v1.0 for USR. Unfortunately from what I hear
(called on your behalf to the senior product manager for Netserver) that
box, for technical reasons, (mostly financial I bet, since Lucent is
wanting $$$ for the Livingston royalties, since Livingston and USR had
their spat) will not run the older generation code.

Do you have maintenance on this box? If so call in and ask for the ER
release of the latest code dealing with the issue. They may balk, but if
you press and sign an NDA they will (most likely) provide you the code. I
have limited access to the beta and eng staff and they have ER fixes for
the HiPer. I know they are about ready to release a new update.

At 10:21 PM 4/2/98 -0600, you wrote:
>> To resolve your Quake problem do the following, if you have not tried this
>> 1. From the Netserver do a sh mem.
>This command does not exist on the 4.0.14 code
>> 2. Get the memory on the Netserver upgraded to at least 16MB DRAM and 8MB
>>Flash RAM.
>> 3. Upgrade to Netserver code 3.7.24 or later.
>I believe this is my problem. I own the netserver plus. They give you the
>code developed by USR/3COM. They call it 4.0 but actually it is version one
>of their code versus 3.7.2 of Livingston's code adapted for the Netserver.
>Since they don't give you the 3.7 code, you have no access to it or any of
>the upgrades. They are no longer licensed to give that code away so they
>don't make it easily available. I do not see it on their website
>Could you point me to a 3.7.X code and installer? I would be willing to give
>it a try.
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