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Brian Rudnicke ( )
Mon, 30 Mar 1998 23:07:48 -0600

That program was called WinNuke.exe. It sent your computer bad ICMP
packets, at least that's what I was told. To fix this problem on a NT
machine, install Service Pack 3. On windows95, there is a fix, but I
have no idea where Microsoft has this on their site. I would try
searching the knowledge base with the keyword "winnuke".


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We have a server that keeps locking up.=A0 I was wanting to know
if it might be a hacker.=A0 I remember a while back reading something
about a program someone can use to lockup a win95 or NT machine by
knowing the IP.=A0 Is there a patch that can protect against such a =
I think that is our problem.=A0 No error logs are showing up on what =
problem is.
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