Re: Hacker

Carlo Gibertini ( (no email) )
Tue, 31 Mar 1998 09:29:18 -0300

I think that this tecnique is called nuke, and you can block this by
installing the service pack 3 and the icmp patch, found in the ms site. In
windows 95 install service pack 1 and all the patchs.

You can also block this by stoping the ports 136, 137 138, 139 of tcpip and
udp in the main router of your network.

IF someone is nuking you this will fix the problem.



De: Kelly Wright <>
Assunto: Hacker
Data: Segunda-feira, 30 de Março de 1998 22:50

We have a server that keeps locking up. I was wanting to know if it might
be a hacker. I remember a while back reading something about a program
someone can use to lockup a win95 or NT machine by knowing the IP. Is
there a patch that can protect against such a user. I think that is our
problem. No error logs are showing up on what the problem is.

Kelly Wright (
BuzNet Communications