IEA RadiusNT + PM3 question?

Zak Wolfinger ( (no email) )
Mon, 30 Mar 1998 16:48:02 -0500

Here is the scenario:

PM3-2 in a remote POP.
Authenticating with Radius against IEA's Radius NT 1.16.60

Authentication requests only work about 1/2 the time.
Running Radius NT in debug mode, I see the username/password
come in to the radius server and see an ACK packet being
sent back out. According to a Livingston/Lucent tech, the
problem is that 1/2 the time the ACK packet comes back from
the main IP assigned to the NIC in the NT server (user is
authenticated). The rest of the time the ACK packet comes
back showing a secondary address on the NT server (user is
NOT authenticated since the ACK is coming from an "unknown"

I have the same versions of NT (4.0 SP3) and IEA's Radius
(1.16.60) and the dictionairy file (1.6) an another server
and it works fine there. The ACK packets always show that
they are coming from the MAIN IP address assigned to the

I have no idea what would cause this behavior. Can anyone
clue me in?

Zak Wolfinger -
Systems Admin - CyberLink, Inc.
(888) PLUG-IN-2