Re: Can this be done?

Mitch Wagers ( )
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 23:06:36 -0800

Actually, making the software to do such a thing is fairly easy if you
understand the structure of TCP/IP. I use similar software for LAN
management for a user-base, it just sits as a tray icon on their 95 machine
and notifies them when I need it to. It could be integrated into billing
software if I saw fit, but it isn't much of a value to us at the moment.

At 10:57 PM 3/25/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Amitai Rottem wrote:
>> We are looking to let users use a maximum amount of hours for a certain
>> charge, and then based on their decision while online (or at the start of
>> the month if it is too hard) do one of the following:
>> 1) Disconnect them, and not let them log in anymore that month.
>> 2) If they decide to continue, "upgrade" them to a larger plan that will
>> give them 'X' more hours.
>> Could this be done? Is this an easy feature of Emerald or something
we'll be
>> working day and night on?
>Currently, Emerald can just bill for the over usage. We've had some
>requests for multi-rate plans, and may offfer that feature in the
>> What about the option to ask them online how they want to continue, will
>> this make our plan much more complicated? (Remember we are not experienced
>> professional, but a small group of volunteers that have general
knowledge of
>> the field).
>It would be challenging. The issue is prompting them. You could
>have a page for them to log into and see thier current time and
>opt to change their plan, but being pro-active might be fairly
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