Re: K56Flex vs. X2 (Boardwatch article)

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 17:38:20 -0500

> From: Allen Wisor <>
> We have 4000's and 4048's 5.0ap42. We have recorded speeds up to
> 52000. We have several clients getting 50000 regularly. The
> average connect speeds are 40000 to 48000. It is rare for our
> 56k people to get below 40000 ( that is if they get 56k, we all
> know about the problems we PBX's and antiquated bell c.o.'s).

Out of curiosity, how were you finding out the users' download speeds with
5.0Ap42? Radius only sent the user's upload speed (Ascend-Data-Rate) and
the "show users" command either did the same thing or didn't display the
modem speed at all. 5.0Ai13 (and later incremental releases) displayed the
info, but the patch versions never did. 6.0.x displays everything (initial
send/receive speeds relative to the Max, as well as modem slot and card
numbers) in the "show users" command as well as the radius stop records and

The only way I ever found a way of finding out send/receive,
initial/highest speeds for any given call (5.0Apxx) was to wach it
disconnect while in diagnostics mode, enabling "modemdiag". Unfortunately,
none of that info ever gets logged anywhere.

Of course another way of finding out initial user-download speeds was
simply hearing that customer say that they connected at 48000 or

Josh Hillman