Virtual hosting on IIS 4 and NT 4 with MS DNS

Franco Nogarin ( )
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 15:04:39 -0700

Hi all, I have been getting a lot of requests from customers for virtual
hosting, I am running IIS 4.0 on NT 4.0 and am wondering if I have my ideas
are strait, I figured this is how it goes:

1- we are and our class c is 123.456.789.0
2- our customer has their own domain name of
3- so I would assign an additional IP to my NIC in my webserver of
123.456.789.169 (Previously unused)
4- then I would open my DNS and add a subdomain of to
5- add an a record of www for 123.456.789.169 in the
6- create a virtual server in IIS and bind it to IP 123.456.789.169
and thats it?

thanks for any advice......

Franco Nogarin
Webmaster - The Aurora Network