Re: K56Flex vs. X2 (Boardwatch article)

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 13:02:37 -0500

> From: rkm <>
> I also like the ASCEND MAX but just read an article at the BOARDWATCH
> where the X2 series (supported by the 3com/USR product) regularly
> 40k+ connections but the Kflex modems rarely got over 35k.

This isn't being directed to you, RKM, but you brought up something that I
think everyone who deals with 56k (K56Flex, X2, or V.90) ought to
read--especially because it concerns the Boardwatch article that you


I received this letter as snail-mail last week and I guess a few days later
Rockwell Semiconductor Systems put it on their website.

We have 3 Ascend Maxes (4004, 4048, 4002); two of which are K56Flex (6.0.0
and K56Flex version 1.160). The 4002 is V.34 unfortunately.
The highest initial connection speeds that we've logged are 48000 bps. If
we were to go into some other city, they might be higher; they might be
lower. The phone companies' phone lines have a great deal to do with
connection speeds and reliability. In some areas K56Flex is better than
X2; in others, it's the other way around.

Josh Hillman