Reverse DNS

Howard A. Brooks ( (no email) )
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 05:20:41 -0500

Hello All:

Is my upline provider having a problem or is it me? I know their was
a recent chain on this, and at the risk of rehashing old stuff, but
can someone help with what's happening here?

I have a user that can't download the 128 Encryption version of MSIE.
because MS can't verify that my primary server exists. Aren't these
reverse tables to be located in my uplines DNS for the addresses that
he initially assigned to me?

What he told me to do was to put all the temporary IP addresses from
each NAS port in my DNS as A records, and I've done this, but it still
doesn't work for the user. For two nights now my tape backup has been
hanging the server and I've had to reboot at 4:00AM. Oh joy!

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