Re: PM, MAX, or USR

Michael Whisenant ( )
Tue, 24 Mar 1998 18:27:00 -0600

ARG!!!! Did I really here (see) someone suggest that an independant
contractor try to evaluate the needs of an ISP? Gad zukes!!! Man
eventhough we had many of the same thoughts, different products, I was with
you until that one. His best option would be to really think of the
questions, define his short term and long term needs, then contact the
vendors of each, ask them for why their products would be better than the
competition. Then listen to how the vendor will try and impose their own
bias into the equation. The remember any ISP can be successful with any
product. The key is relationship. Get to know the vendor, I would almost
recommend bypassing the VAR, as they sell what gives them the most $$.

With the few number of ports you may not get vendors to send you equipment
on trial, but I can get almost any equipment for 60 day trial. I can then
evaluate them head to head and based on what I like and dislike make a
decision. I would recommend also since you are going to have limited
experience to get a support contract. With the USR they will actually come
onsite and install, plus provision it with the telco. (I know not much to
provision, but still for the novice getting this attention for NO
additional cost is hard to match!!!!)

>companies deal with different products. Whether they started with them or
>someone suggested them, it doesn't matter. My only suggestion is to
>evaluate (exactly as Michael has stated) your needs for the network and
>look to the future. If you don't feel qualified (you have questions about
>products), then I would have someone PERSONALLY come in from an independent
>contractor and advise you on what is the best solution for your individual

>At 10:52 AM 3/24/98 -0800, you wrote:
>>I've worked with all of these products. I don't know that I can say which
>>the most popular is, but I definitely like the Ascend Max product the best
>>for a number of reasons:
>>First, it is way more compact than the USR product, and thus takes up less
>>space and is easier to transport.
>>Second, the first time config is simpler
>>Third, they seem to be more easily suitable to special case scenarios, like
>>doing FrameRelay, K56, and ISDN out of one chassis.
>>Last, maintainence can all be done from the console (or telnet session) very
>>easily, unlike the USR or even the PM3 which tend to be easier (or perhaps
>>need) configuration via an SNMP client.
>>Granted, this is just my subjective feelings on dealing with the products,
>>but I think a look up on the technical specs should also put the Ascend as
>>the front runner.
>>Andrew J. Lillie
>>JPS.Net Network Operations
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>>From: John Lange <>
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>>Date: Tuesday, March 24, 1998 9:16 AM
>>Subject: PM, MAX, or USR

>>>We are getting ready to go digital here, (never been done in this GTE
>>>territory). We are going to convert 145 lines to digital, On GTE's GTD-5
>>>I am now using PM2e30's with USR Sportsters and all is well. I am
>>>following the Livingston list and see many people having problems with
>>>their PM3's. I am sure the ones without problems are quiet.
>>>What is the more popular product, PM3, Ascend Max ?, USR Total Control
>>>w/Hyper Cards?
>>>What are the issues to be dealt with for "Emerald".
>>>Any suggestions on line padding with each vendor?
>>>Anyone using AAC Tigris?
>>>I am wondering if there is a list for USR & Ascend Products.
>>>All info on this subject is appreciated.
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