Re: keyboard elimiator

Kitt Diebold ( )
Sun, 22 Mar 1998 18:28:12 -0500

>We have some 'stupid' systems that require a keyboard for booting.
>Looking for something simular to a passive SCSI terminator for
>keyboards. Saw 'em years ago but now can't locate a source. Any one
>have a source or a 'build-it-yourself' solution.

Raritan makes them. ( They're called the Guardian.
We use them on all of our customer's co-located servers (the customer pays
for them) so they don't have to bring keyboards and mice, and it allows us
to hot-plug a keyboard and mouse into them when need be. They support AT
and PS2 mice and keyboards and they can do an AT to PS2 conversion. They
run around $80.


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