Re: I *hate* FrontPage

Misha ( )
Sun, 22 Mar 1998 16:41:00 -0600 (CST)

I really wouldnt suggest it. It will be a support nightmare for you, just
because of all the post processing FP does after publishing. There are a
couple of things to remember when installing Front Page Extentions:

1) Any time you upgrade, your permissions and the webs will go to shit.
All files inherit permissions given to the directory right above it, so
they need to be fixed after installation.

2) If you have multiple root webs, (ie virtual hosting for domains) you
need to make sure that all users accesing the webs, including the IUSR
account need to have at least LIST permissions to all directories above
them, whenever they are mapped in IIS or not.

3) Using the Check Permissions box in Administrator simply doesnt work.
Make sure all the permissions to needed files in %systemroot% are right by
hand and you wont have any more problems. Untill you install new versions
of FP or sometimes apply patches (ASP Fix anyone?)

4) If you are still having a problem, enable auditing for everything,
Everyone on ever drive. Clear the log and replicate the problem. You will
see your problems in the Security Log.

Here is a story. I install Cold Fusion 3.1 and ASP pages ask for passwords
with evere access even though the permissions to the asp.dll and
everything else is set right. Months of trying to find the info for it.
Finally I enabled auditing and sure enough, vbscript.dll is only readable
by System and Amins.


On Fri, 20 Mar 1998, Dan Waldron wrote:

> That's it in a nutshell. f*ck 'em I'm going to only use FTP, I don't have
> this much time to waste on this crap. I'm faxing this bunch of messages and
> a whinge letter to Microsoft over the weekend.
> Rgds
> Dan
> > Whatever it is, we've seen it as well. Mindboginly infuriating to say
> > the least.
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