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James A. Tucker ( (no email) )
Thu, 19 Mar 1998 00:41:32 -0600

You should know that Microsoft wants Full Control of your server! I don't
trust Microsoft, so I always check to see what their setup programs are doing.
In this case, FrontPage 98 Extensions, you need to change the Everyone group
from Full Control to Read. I'm assuming your data partition is structured as

Data Partition
Home Root
User Home (FrontPage WWWROOT)

Since User Home inherits its permissions from Home Root (InetPub) then it needs
to have Everyone group Read permissions. If the Everyone group is not left
with Read permissions your users will receive a Network Busy error when trying
to publish to a subweb underneath User Home directory. I've confirmed this
with Microsoft Support and they are supposed to have a KB article on it. If
the subweb is set to Restrict Browse Access to Registered Users only, then you
can publish to the subweb without the Everyone group. Go figure! Makes no
logical sense to me, but this is Microsoft we are talking about.

Microsoft's MO:
Deny there's a bug.
Call it a feature.
Finally admit it's a bug.
Create an upgrade you have to purchase.

Victim #65465465135746535465 - I've already been sucked into buying the IIS 4
Resource Kit which has the documentation and utilities which should come with
the actual product!

Like a good Admin, I removed the Everyone group completely and replaced it with
INTERACTIVE and NETWORK with Read permissions. This worked on IIS 3, but not
IIS 4. It has to be the Everyone Group. You'll know you have it setup
correctly, by going to the permissions settings in FrontPage Explorer and
looking at the Group permissions. Everyone group should have Browse
permissions in addition to the Radio button "Everyone has Browse Access" in the
User permissions page.

Another hair pulling experience I've had was trying to transfer my IP Address
and webroot from my IIS 3 server to my IIS 4 server, then setting up IIS 4
Virtual Directory with FrontPage Extensions. Did it ever foobar everything.
IIS 4 FrontPage 98 extensions choked on the existing configuration files in my
WebRoot. I'm still cleaning up my FrontPage 98 Refugee Camp website. Oh well.
Lessons learned.

Barring these two items, the FP98 Ext on IIS4 have run stable for me. I was
pretty nervous about making the jump to IIS 4 FP98 Ext (devil I didn't know)
from IIS 3 FP 98 Ext (devil I did know). Lucky for me, it's been OK so far!
Do I hear knocking?


James A. Tucker
Tucker and Tucker Enterprises
http://www, (FrontPage 98 Refugee Camp)

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Is it just me, or does everyone else have problems with the FrontPage
server extensions? 97 seemed stable enough, but after installing 98
yesterday, I was not impressed to find the permissions on my NTFS data
partiton had been reset to "Everyone...Full Control"

In the meantime, it's FTP only around here - is anyone else experiencing
strange permissions problems with FP97/98?


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