Re: Reverse DNS using Microsoft DNS

Ron Arts ( )
Tue, 17 Mar 1998 20:31:02 +0100

Mitchell B. Wagers wrote:
> If you don't have it create the PTR file when you FIRST make the A record, it won't happen, you will have to do it manually. If you delete an A record, it will not automatically delete the PTR record. You do have the ZONES for the Reverse DNS, correct? You will also need whoever handles your SWIP registration to point to your servers, which should be a one-to-one, not a trickle-down syndrome most providers use, see below:
> -InterNIC/ARIN designates DNS to IP's
> -Your upstream's upstream carries the Reverse Authority, pointed to your upstream.
> -Your upstream points Reverse Authotiry to you.
> That is a trickle-down approach, very inconvenient and unreliable. I have heard that "you can't

inconvenient? In what way, and for whom?
unreliable? why?

> register just one class C for reverse DNS." That is incorrect, you can and it should be done,

you say 'it should be done'. Are there more people (maybe more
authoritative ones)
that back you up on this?

> unless you carry more than a class C all your own. They should be registered in the largest
> blocks appropriate.
> Sorry if I just confused anyone, I can write a longer explanation if need be...

Please do,

Ron Arts