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Blake Rachal ( )
Wed, 11 Mar 1998 09:16:49 -0600

NO it won't work . The best way to remedy your situation is to build upthe server with the driver. Do Repair Disk. Then Restore.then bring theserver down. start new install with the repair disk and bring it up. Thiswill work.

I have a NT 4 SP3 server runninga Quantum Big Foot IDE HD which I'm pulling out on Sunday morning toreplace with one of these lovely new Seagate Ultra 2 Wide SCSI driveshanging off an Adaptec 2940U2W PCI controller.

When I went to install the SCSI drive in an empty PC, NT's setup does notsupport the controller, and a driver must be added during set up, or aSTOP error "BOOT_DEVICE_NOT_ACCESSIBLE" occurs.

Once I've installed the new disk, I'll be restoring a tape backup withregistry to go back online.

My question is how am I going to go rebooting after restoring my OLD NTsetup, which *doesn't* have the driver installed? Do you think it willwork if I:

1. Install the 2940U2W driver in my current setup,
2. Without rebooting, backup,
3. Remove the IDE drive and install teh SCSI drive
4. Restore the backup
5. Reboot

I think this may very well work, but I'm not sure. As a sideline, thisseems like a bloody fast drive.

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