Re: Ideas Needed! -- Multilink Protocol

Petar Nikolich ( )
Wed, 11 Mar 1998 18:23:59 -0000

Josh, you are incorrect about not being able to add channels back
to a multilink session in NT. I know it can be done because I do it at
least 4 times a day. The system I use here is 2 33.6k analog modems.
I drop the second line (or the first) whenever I need a line for
something else then let the line redial to re-establish the link
as a bonded (2 line) channel again.

> From: Josh Hillman <>
> In 95, you can pause/resume connections on one of the MP channels if you
> need to use the other line for something else temporarily (phonecall or
> something). In NT, you can drop one of the channels, but you cannot resume
> it without disconnecting any other channels and dialing back up from
> scratch.
> Josh Hillman