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Jonathan D. Manz ( (no email) )
Mon, 09 Mar 1998 09:21:42 -0700

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You might consider a facilities check at your locations to determine if you
have available pairs of copper. You can have the phone co. simply cross
connect one pair of dry copper between your site and your remotes (1 each, that
is). As long as the total distance of the resulting copper loop is less than 5
miles, you can use XDSL technology from a company like PairGain to bridge (if
you use a bridge module) or route (if you use a serial module and a router)
accross the copper at T1/E1 speeds.

Call me for more info,

Jonathan Manz, CNE

Victor wrote:

> I was wondering if anyone could give some ideas as to what do in this case:
> We are in a rural area where the digital services are almost null, there is
> no ISDN services and the only thing you can get from the Telco is a 56k
> switch line (dial-up or dedicated) and under very special request a T1
> (which we are getting right now to be able to offer 56k access), now here
> is the question for all of you..... there is a religious community at about
> 15 miles from our ISP, they've got an NT network of about 50 computers
> (more in the future) and they want a cheap and fast ;) connection to us.
> I'm not totally sure what should we offer them since there is little or no
> cooperation from the telco, any ideas you have will be greatly appreciated!
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