Problem with DNS stopping randomly.

Beverly Wise ( (no email) )
Thu, 5 Mar 1998 15:59:26 -0500

We are having a problem with DNS randomly pausing then resuming. The
service is not stopping, it is just pausing, for about 30 seconds all the
way to 5 minutes, there are also no error messages in the event viewer.
Also, when this happens, there are no alarms or errors on any of our
hardware. Sometimes I can't even ping the IP of our mainserver when I am
sitting at it doing the pinging.

We are running Microsoft DNS on a Pentium II 233 with 128 M of RAM, other
hardware includes a Computone Intelliserver PowerRack, a Cisco 1601 Router
and an Adtran TSU/LT (CSU/DSU) If anyone has experienced this, or has a
possible solution please let me know.

Beverly L. Wise
Systems Operator
Falls City Net Services