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Ray Carpenter ( )
Tue, 03 Mar 1998 09:43:38 -0500

Just wanted to thank everyone for responding. But I have a couple of more

If you were starting this (news feed) from scratch and wanted to sleep at
night what hardware config would you go with, using NT as the OS.

Also has anyone besides John checked into a news service. Currently we use
zippo and their service ranges from incredibly fast to horribly slow.
Everyone we have looked at seems to be on the west coast and we're on the
east coast. The closest to us is SuperNews (if I remember correctly) and
their 14 hops away. If anyone knows of a service on the east coast I'd
appreciate knowing about it.



At 06:24 PM 3/2/98 -0600, you wrote:
>We use DNews and have really good luck with it. I don't understand really
>complex software and found the the default setup is sufficient for me.
>We have a full UUNET style feed and it works fine.
>The new versions have spam filtering, cross-post filtering, etc. You can
>even throttle the speed that articles come in, and even schedule the times
>the certain articles are accepted. Like alt.binaries.* from 3am to 6am etc.
>1. bandwidth
>2. bandwidth
>3. bandwidth
>4. bandwidth
>I think that I have the server throttled way down and the server/feed uses
>up about 1/3 of our incomming T1. I shut the server down last week for
>about 4 hours and saw our usage drop by 50%.
>5. Depending on the number of active news readers this process can be VERY
>CPU intensive. We rarely have more than 2 - 4 users on the server at one
>time, so a P75 with 128 MB ram is doing fine. Several hunderd could blow
>up a Dual 333 with a GB of ram, raid 5 etc.
>6. Disk space - Depending on the size and numer of feeds, 5 days of news
>could easily use up 7 - 30 GB of disk space.
>We have been considering the use of a news service. I think SuperNews
>offers 10 users for $100 per month. If it boils down to getting a second
>T1 we will gladly sacrifice the News Server.
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