Re: News Feed

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 02 Mar 1998 15:06:55 -0800

Michael Whisenant wrote:
> Very Important Item
> First find out what type of software is being used by the provider of the
> feed. Then make sure the software is compatible. If you will be running
> under Windows NT then your options are DNEWS, MetaInfo News Channel,
> Netscape Collabra, Microsoft Commercial Internet System. Each have
> strengths and weaknesses. I have ran every one and personally (please no
> flames) did not like DNEWS, less configuration, poor support, and was
> basically a sucking feed rather than a true news server. It would also be

Sounds like you didn't understand how to configure DNews. Running v4 or
higher its hands down the best news server for NT. DNews can do a suck
or IHAVE (most news severs can do either nowadays). The performance of
a LIVE feed when you have a lot of downstreams you are feeding is a
killer option (not sure if other news servers have that) and really
makes the news move fast.

I've been testing 4.6 and it has anti-spam and filtering capabilities.
It cut down about 20% of our incoming newsfeed, which is really a
tremendous amount, when you are talking about 20% of 10gb.

> to determine what is going on with the machine. Microsoft's is nice, uses
> SQL which improves performance. The best performance machine around, but
> it is still a new product and as such has a bit of growth to make it great.

DNews 4 actually has a really nice performance/disk change. It uses
"buckets" for the new, rather than the tradditional one file per
article other servers use. Typically the buckets are about 10mb each,
and it keep a file handle open to each bucket. This has a tremendous
advanateg for disk compression (if you have the processing power) that
compressing 10mb files are MUCH higher (typically around 60%) than
compressiong a bunch of small files.

Lastly, DNews comes with a full text search facilitity that is web based
and very handy if you want to setup some groups for searching (say your
local to. groups for your customers). It has an optional CGI app to
allow yourd downstream customers to manager their own feeds (so they
don't have to bother you everytime they want a new group).

The features are pretty endless on the V4.x products, and the best
things about the upcoming 4.6 release is that it will be able to
authenticate from Emerald. :)

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