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Rudy Komsic ( (no email) )
Tue, 3 Mar 1998 19:12:28 -0500

I would recommend a 15GB+ Hard Drive with 128MB RAM for a Multipurpose server
(News, Web, etc... Do not use as Mail server) Usually the standard setup will
properly run fine.

Usually your backbone provider has a NewsFEED. Talk to them about it.

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Date: March 3, 1998 11:19 AM
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>Just wanted to thank everyone for responding. But I have a couple of more
>If you were starting this (news feed) from scratch and wanted to sleep at
>night what hardware config would you go with, using NT as the OS.
>Also has anyone besides John checked into a news service. Currently we use
>zippo and their service ranges from incredibly fast to horribly slow.
>Everyone we have looked at seems to be on the west coast and we're on the
>east coast. The closest to us is SuperNews (if I remember correctly) and
>their 14 hops away. If anyone knows of a service on the east coast I'd
>appreciate knowing about it.
>At 06:24 PM 3/2/98 -0600, you wrote:
>>We use DNews and have really good luck with it. I don't understand really
>>complex software and found the the default setup is sufficient for me.
>>We have a full UUNET style feed and it works fine.
>>The new versions have spam filtering, cross-post filtering, etc. You can
>>even throttle the speed that articles come in, and even schedule the times
>>the certain articles are accepted. Like alt.binaries.* from 3am to 6am etc.
>>1. bandwidth
>>2. bandwidth
>>3. bandwidth
>>4. bandwidth
>>I think that I have the server throttled way down and the server/feed uses
>>up about 1/3 of our incomming T1. I shut the server down last week for
>>about 4 hours and saw our usage drop by 50%.
>>5. Depending on the number of active news readers this process can be VERY
>>CPU intensive. We rarely have more than 2 - 4 users on the server at one
>>time, so a P75 with 128 MB ram is doing fine. Several hunderd could blow
>>up a Dual 333 with a GB of ram, raid 5 etc.
>>6. Disk space - Depending on the size and numer of feeds, 5 days of news
>>could easily use up 7 - 30 GB of disk space.
>>We have been considering the use of a news service. I think SuperNews
>>offers 10 users for $100 per month. If it boils down to getting a second
>>T1 we will gladly sacrifice the News Server.
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