Re: NT & Outlook Express

george szubinski ( (no email) )
Sun, 1 Mar 1998 16:40:43 -0000

I had / still have exactly the same problem .
Sometimes when I'm surfing using IE4 it does the same and hangs.

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From: Howard A. Brooks <>
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Date: 01 March 1998 04:46
Subject: NT & Outlook Express

>Hello All:
>Has anyone else had this problem? Every now and then, when selecting
>a link from an Email message using NT4.0, IIS4.0, Outlook Express
>starts Windows Explorer rather than Internet Explorer. I have to
>Ctrl-Alt-Del and close down OE and restart it, i.e.., OE locks up!
>Once this begins OE will repeat the snafu whenever an Email link is
>clicked. The only way I know to fix it is to re-download and
>reinstall the OE component knowing that sometime in the future the
>whole process will begin again.
>Any thoughts on what could be causing this would be greatly
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