Re: Opinions on Optigold ISP billing software.

Chris ( (no email) )
Mon, 23 Feb 1998 14:33:19 -0500

Yes , we are currently using the Optigold program and are very happy with
The overall control options are just what we needed and it is setup with
ISPs in mind.
We also have just grown big enough to need a program.
We looked around for a few months and finally after trying all sorts of
trials and partial downloads ( most in visal basics) we found this program
(if you call it that) to be very refreshing. The way it works is so simple,
yet is very stable. The sales dept. is easy to work with and the tech
support is very responsive. Web interface, dirrect one-on-one tech, as well
as a support mail list, makes us look back and realize that we made the
right choice. Check it out at

I am starting to sond like a salesman. Sorry!
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Date: Monday, February 23, 1998 12:12 PM
Subject: Opinions on Optigold ISP billing software.

>I have been looking at different ISP management programs for
>about a year now, but have not had the money until now to
>buy one. I am leaning VERY VERY heavily toward Emerald, but
>my boss asked me to also check out Optigold ISP. So I am
>looking for the opinions of people that have tried it or are
>currently using it.
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