Invalid Application Name Error from ASP in subdirectory

James A. Tucker ( (no email) )
Sun, 22 Feb 1998 00:27:18 -0600

I've installed the asp.dll version 1.23.11, but it did not correct my problem
when trying to execute an ASP application in a subdirectory. I've stopped and
restarted the service after updating the asp.dll. I've rebooted the server.
The Event Viewer states that the new asp.dll loaded fine and is started. But
I still get the error referenced in my subject. This has got me frustrated!
The ASP application works on my IIS 4.0 / NT4 /SP3 server, but not the IIS 3 /
NT4 / SP3 server. The global.asa is stored in the root of the subdirectory
along with all the .asp files. IUSR_?, NETWORK, INTERACTIVE have Change Rights
and SYSTEM has ALL rights. These are more than they should be, but I've been
desperate to find which permissions are too restrictive. I know it's
permissions based based on the knowledge base article and the fact that the
error goes away if I move the asp files to a FAT partition (no ACLs). The ASP
application works fine when placed in the Root directory of the web, but gives
the infamous Invalid Application Name Error when trying to execute in the
subdirectory. Why? How can I fix this? It is soooo frustrating!!!!


James A. Tucker
Tucker and Tucker Enterprises