Re: inetinfo.exe errors.....

SMPnet ( )
Sat, 21 Feb 1998 23:56:11 -0500

I know this sounds silly, but make sure that you're getting the pwd and case
I went something similar and it came around.
OW, I would think that you would have to go through the process, but
the CA may be reasonable on the charge.


Don Lloyd Jr. wrote:

> Hey all
> during my hair-pulling times with IIS 2.0 and it crashing on me whenever I
> tried to access a page with https://, I uninstalled IIS, and reinstalled
> it and sp3.
> Now, when I go into the key Manager to import the key pairs, it claims
> that the password for the certificate is incorrect.
> Am I fucked?
> Do I have to go through the entire process of getting another certificate
> in order to make this work?
> Don, who thinks that the floor has more hair than he does....
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