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Brent Sheppard ( )
Sat, 21 Feb 1998 08:43:58 -0500

Here is a Ram Checker that "is not free" but I have found it to be really good. It
is a"boot-up!" RST RAM STRESS TEST

Brent Sheppard

James A. Tucker wrote:

> I just called their "engineers" about the "web server central configuration
> busy" error. It seemed no-one had a clear answer as to what causes this
> problem. The "engineer" stated that I need to give the IUSR account RWXD
> permissions instead of just RWD permissions. When did anonymous user need to
> have execute permissions on a lock file with no contents? IF it were a
> permissions problem, why does rebooting the server correct the problem?
> While talking with the customer service lady, I asked about who to call about
> getting the updated asp.dll file version 1.23.11. She asked what was ASP. I
> told her it was a part of IIS. "What is IIS?" she replied. I greatly lost
> confidence..
> If anybody has the updated asp.dll version 1.23.11 please email it to me. I'm
> not confident Microsoft Support will know what the #)($)(* I'm talking about!
> This asp.dll corrects the Invalid Application Error when trying to execute an
> ASP file in a subweb/subdirectory..
> A previous list member stated that there are some RAM checkers. Can anyone
> point to a freeware version for NT server or do I have to buy a product to do
> this? Do I trust the boot-up RAM checker? Nope..
> My inetinfo.dll could be the result of Microsoft's sloppy handling of ISAPI and
> memory space..
> IF anyone on the list has a question on the FrontPage extensions, feel free to
> email me. You can also visit my FrontPage website at
> - The FrontPage 98 Refugee Camp..
> Thanks to everyone for making this list one of the best and most informative!
> :)
> James A. Tucker
> Tucker and Tucker Enterprises
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> Sent: Friday, February 20, 1998 4:51 PM
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> Subject: Re: inetinfo.exe error
> Hi All,
> I'm getting inetinfo.exe errors too..
> I just installed a Server certificate, and now whenever I go to a page that
> should be secure (https://), On my server's console, I get an inetinfo.exe
> error, IIS stops ALL services, and I have to manually re-start the web
> server, or reboot the computer to get things running normally
> again.....well, until I or someone else tries to do a https:// connection
> again......
> I'm not dumb, but it doesn't seem to me that it should be this dificult to
> get a secure server going......
> Pentium 200
> 128 megs RAM
> NT 4 (SP3+hotfixes)
> IIS 3
> I'd call Microsoft Tech support, but after spending 2 frustrating hours on
> hold (on my dime) just a few days ago while at a clients location for a
> completely different scenario, I'm not optimistic that their $5.25/hr-just
> learned what computers are, looky at this cool screen tech support people
> can answer my question..
> Has anyone else had the same problems?
> Thanks in advance..
> Don Lloyd
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