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Mitchell B. Wagers ( )
Sat, 21 Feb 1998 02:12:53 -0800

NT4 already supports multiple video cards, but I don't recommend that for
JUST using two monitors. I'd suggest you either buy an RGB plugged monitor
w/ an RGB outbreak box. The box takes your 15pin DSUB cable from the video
card and spits out 4 coax-type cables; one each of Red, Green, Blue, and an
RGB Control cable. Professional ViewSonics have the RGB plug capability and
you can buy boxes that support 8 monitors (most I've seen). Be warned, the
boxes aren't cheap!

If you are trying to do something like presentations or training and you
want control over someones' desktop, there is wonderful software called
Remotely Possible 32 for this. You can grant certain permissions to users
and control exactly what they do. You can have several remote desktops
showing on your screen while doing anything else in the software too. You
can project your screen onto their desktops...possibilities are endless. :)
Take a peak at and go to their Shareware/Freeware
section. If you can't find it, I'll dig up the address for the company.

At 01:49 AM 2/21/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Adrian Teasdale wrote:
>> OK, I know it's slightly off-topic, but does anyone know of a card or
>> software which allows for multiple monitors to be run under NT?
>> Originally coming from a Mac background, it was extremely useful to have
>> multiple monitors to display all the palletes I use and I would love to
>> have this facility under NT
>NT 5.0 and Win95 will have native support for multiple monitors, even
>with different video cards. There are a couple of cards that can do
>it under 4.0 with a vendor specific driver. I believe the matrox
>might be one of them.
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