Re: inetinfo.exe error

Brent Sheppard ( )
Fri, 20 Feb 1998 16:51:33 -0500

I have also had this problem from time ti time. A simple reboot usually fixes the
error! If ot happening a lot I would test the ram.. There are several program
that can do it. I think that the real answer is that 2 programs are trying to
acces the same memory at the same time and one is not letting go....

Brent Sheppard

James A. Tucker wrote:

> I'm receiving the following error. I'm having problems finding any information
> at Microsoft's site to definitively tell me what is the cause of it. The error
> is:
> The instruction at "0x77f6cb08"
> referenced memory at "0x0225f544"
> The memory could not be "written"
> Is this a problem with inetinfo.exe program or the memory on the server? I've
> seen it pop up for telnetd.exe also, but maybe there's something wrong with
> both programs since they were created by Mircrosoft. ;-) Actually, I'm leaning
> towards it being a RAM memory problem..
> Need some advise though..
> Thanks
> James A. Tucker
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