Re: Router questions.

Jason Hess ( )
Wed, 18 Feb 1998 21:53:49 -0500

Richard Lachance wrote:
> Through some great fortune, we have so far been able to plug directly into
> our provider's router. We will soon be moving the office into another
> building, but the Internet connection will remain where it is. Hence,
> we're getting a T-1 between the old and the new offices and we must get two
> routers...
> The router in the old office just needs one LAN and one WAN port. Since
> we'll be the only Internet-savvy company in the new building, we were
> thinking of getting a router with one WAN port & multiple LAN ports to
> resell dedicated access to other companies in the building.
> We were thinking of Cisco equipment, since it is so widespread, but we know
> nothing of their model numbers and what are the important points between
> their different series. Someone in the know can educate us a bit, please?
> Regards,
> Richard.
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They do make models with what you are requiring, although I belive you
will have to take 2 WAN (serial) ports. The 2507 and the 2514 (I belive
those are the right numbers), both have 2 serials and ethernet ports on
them. The 2507 has 8 and the 2514 has 16. We used to use a 2507 and did
exactly what you are speaking of. Never had a single bit of problem with
Good luck,
Jason Hess+