Router questions.

Richard Lachance ( )
Wed, 18 Feb 1998 21:36:05 -0500

Through some great fortune, we have so far been able to plug directly into
our provider's router. We will soon be moving the office into another
building, but the Internet connection will remain where it is. Hence,
we're getting a T-1 between the old and the new offices and we must get two

The router in the old office just needs one LAN and one WAN port. Since
we'll be the only Internet-savvy company in the new building, we were
thinking of getting a router with one WAN port & multiple LAN ports to
resell dedicated access to other companies in the building.

We were thinking of Cisco equipment, since it is so widespread, but we know
nothing of their model numbers and what are the important points between
their different series. Someone in the know can educate us a bit, please?


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