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I didn't see the original post to this (only the quoted below) -- but -- to
synch a SAM with the other servers, simply run " net accounts /synch " from
a prompt or run box. (Start, Run, type "net accounts /synch" & click OK
after adding user.)

A moderate amount of perl scripting or programming will create your user ftp
directories & rights. If I were you, I'd incorporate it all into one
script/program, as suggested below. Most mail servers that use SAM will
auto-create a directory when the person is emailed (if it's not already
created). Have your adduser script add the user & send a welcome.text file
to a cgi-email gateway so that they have email waiting. Also have it create
their FTP directory & set rights. Perl should be quite sufficient for doing
this -- it would be making calls to system programs such as cacls.exe and
net.exe (net user add etc.)

If you don't want to program, then there's plenty of full packages available
with email support, such as Emerald...

Just my $0.02 1/2.


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>On Wed, 18 Feb 1998, Seth Crimmins wrote:
>> As you all know, when you have an ISP, you have more than one database
>> to the numerous amounts of services. When a user is added to the User
>> Domain, it really bothers me that sometimes it takes so long for other
>> computers on the domain or other services to realize that this user
>> I am trying to find a way to quickly run a group of functions throughout
>> systems to update, create, etc. based on a user in the domain without it
>> having to wait for recognition of that user.
>My first comment would be using the NT SAM for this kind of stuff
>really isn't a great choice.
>You can force a sync of the domain controllers using something
>like the server manager for domains. There could be an API
>for this (to automate it), but I am not sure.
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