Used Cisco routers and other network hardware for sale.

Jonathan D. Manz ( (no email) )
Wed, 18 Feb 1998 09:28:27 -0700

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ISP's.......Looking for some solid Brand-Name hardware to complete your
network or get you started and stay within your tight budget? We have
to get rid of some used and like-new hardware. "Let's make a deal."
attached HTML file lists all like-new networking hardware we have for
sale. This stuff is inexpensive and going fast. Quantities listed are
current the day you receive the email. Be sure to email me for pricing
and availability.

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Like new networking hardware for sale by XOR.
AD1200153L1Adtran Express XR ISDN Modem w/STAC Compuression6
 NT-1 RS-232 IF BRI Only 
AD1202011L1DSU III AR All rate CSU/DSU for 4-wire DDS or SW56 w/ 2nd Channel2
AD1202060L1Adtran TSU2
ASP130UBRIFT1Ascend P130 Router w/ ISDN & T1/FT11
CIS3620Cisco 3620 Modular router1
CIS1602-UCisco 1602 Modular router w/ internal ISDN U iterface - Used1
CISMWEB100Cisco MicroWeb 100 - SOHO Web server1
CISSF760IRUS4Cisco IR-760-770 4 Users IP routing US1
CISUWIC-1B-UCisco 1-Port ISDN PRI/NT-1 WAN Interface Card1
CIS766Cisco ISDN Router1
CISU2514Cisco 2514 2E/2S Dual Ethernet/Dual Serial Router - Used1
CISF160C1174UCisco IP only IOS for 1602 Router1
CISWS-C2901Cisco Catalyst 2901 14-Port 10/100 Ethernet Switch1
LIV-IRX-114Livingston IRX Router with 1Ethernet, 4 SYNC Serial Ports1
LIV-OR-HSLivingston High Speed Office Router w/ 1E, 1HS Serial, 1Async Serial1
TELCO-M2020XOComplete Access 20 System w/24 FXS Channels1
TYONS155-1Tylink T1 CSU/DSU w/V.35 M34 DCE Interface2
USR1091Total Control Manager/SNMP Console Software1
USR1224US Robotics 1224 Standalone Modem5
USR698US Robotics Courier I-Modem V.everything1

Last Updated on 2/16/98
By Jonathan

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