Cisco routers and other like-new network hardware for sale.....

Jonathan D. Manz ( (no email) )
Tue, 17 Feb 1998 15:42:47 -0700

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Like new networking hardware for sale by XOR.
AD1200153L1Adtran Express XR ISDN Modem w/STAC Compuression6
 NT-1 RS-232 IF BRI Only 
AD1202011L1DSU III AR All rate CSU/DSU for 4-wire DDS or SW56 w/ 2nd Channel2
AD1202060L1Adtran TSU2
ASP130UBRIFT1Ascend P130 Router w/ ISDN & T1/FT11
CIS3620Cisco 3620 Modular router1
CIS1602-UCisco 1602 Modular router w/ internal ISDN U iterface - Used1
CISMWEB100Cisco MicroWeb 100 - SOHO Web server1
CISSF760IRUS4Cisco IR-760-770 4 Users IP routing US1
CISUWIC-1B-UCisco 1-Port ISDN PRI/NT-1 WAN Interface Card1
CIS766Cisco ISDN Router1
CISU2514Cisco 2514 2E/2S Dual Ethernet/Dual Serial Router - Used1
CISF160C1174UCisco IP only IOS for 1602 Router1
CISWS-C2901Cisco Catalyst 2901 14-Port 10/100 Ethernet Switch1
LIV-IRX-114Livingston IRX Router with 1Ethernet, 4 SYNC Serial Ports1
LIV-OR-HSLivingston High Speed Office Router w/ 1E, 1HS Serial, 1Async Serial1
TELCO-M2020XOComplete Access 20 System w/24 FXS Channels1
TYONS155-1Tylink T1 CSU/DSU w/V.35 M34 DCE Interface2
USR1091Total Control Manager/SNMP Console Software1
USR1224US Robotics 1224 Standalone Modem5
USR698US Robotics Courier I-Modem V.everything1

Last Updated on 2/16/98
By Jonathan

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