Re: Recommend NT mail server

Jose Carlos da Silva ( (no email) )
Tue, 17 Feb 1998 09:21:41 -0300


On 17 Feb 98 at 10:45, you wrote:

> Can anyone recommend a POP3 mail server that supports multiple
> domains? There will be low a number of users but a requirement for
> many domains so products like NTMail become expensive. Any good
> experiences out there?

I use and recomend EMWAC IMS. It's a solid freeware product, with
POP3 and SMTP Services and also a list server. It's performance is
simply fantastic and it uses a very small percent of system

There's also builtin multidomain support, and an open architeture
with support for plugins, like SICA SPAM Filter and multidomain

You can get your copy with full documentation at:


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