MRTG Statistic Updater note

Jason Levine ( )
Thu, 12 Feb 98 23:31:32 -0500

Hey everyone -- just wanted to pass on a note about MRTG Statistic Updater,
and ask if people have found it useful.

First, the note: it appears that there were some significant updates in the
Visual Basic support files with Visual Studio Service Pack 3, significant
enough that if you have the support files from a prior service pack on your
machine (like, for instance, if you have installed software written by someone
else with VB prior to SP3), you'll be asked to reboot just after launching my
setup application in order to complete the installation. This SHOULD NOT BE A
PROBLEM AT ALL, but that being said, if anyone DOES experience a problem, I'd
appreciate it if they'd let me know so that I can just figure out the files
that are impacted and solve the problem.

Second, I see that a couple people have come by and downloaded MSU; is it
working? I've only tested it on my two home NT machines... and I'd love to
know if you're having a problem.

Thanks a lot, and if you have any additions, bugs, or other quirks, please
pass them on!


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