Routing multiple static IPs

Michael A. Davis Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 12 Feb 1998 10:01:47 -0500

I wonder if someone can help with this...

I have a user that set up a dial-up ISDN account with a static IP address.
He is dialing in with a Linux box to this account. He also has 3 other
machines on the network that he got 3 other IP addresses from me for and
wants to route access to the net through the Linux box for the 3 other

I thought that we would have to use an 8 IP subnet to do this, but he said
that his last provider just gave him the 4 static IPs and routed them all
through the 1 static IP that dials in. I this possible?

He is dialing into a USR Total Control chassis with PPPD and has no problem
connecting with the Linux box with the first static IP. But then when he
tries to ping or otherwise access the net from the other 3 Windows boxes the
modem on the Linux box flashes, but he cannot access the net.

If I need to set up a subnet, can anybody tell me how to set up the routing
for it in the Total Control box.

Thanks, Mike Davis
DCS Online