RE: Remote User Access Control for NT

rkm ( )
Thu, 12 Feb 1998 08:30:10 -0500

Create an ODBC database and an ASP front end... then use the ASP pages to
manage the access instead of NT's acl.... One of the recent NT Magazine's
had an article on how to do this.

Richard Marshall

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From: Steve Coleman []
Sent: Wednesday, February 11, 1998 7:49 PM
Subject: Remote User Access Control for NT

We have some frontpage customers who would like to be able to add, delete,
and change passwords for users on their Frontpage Web. NT will only let
them add a user that already exists in the domain database and will not let
them change the password. Is there a work around for this? It's not a
viable option to have the customer call us every time they need to make a
change to the user base. The customer wants to be able to quickly give
people access to certain portions of their site via username and password.

Any suggestions?
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