Free RADIUS server with NT Option Pack !
Thu, 12 Feb 1998 11:42:06 +1100

Hi all

Like many of you we have been running a Radius server. We have had some
problems with it being unstable so I have been looking for options.

Next thing you know Microsoft come out with NT 4 Option Pack, which has
a Radius server. How much does it cost you ask ? Zippo. Nada. It's a
free download off their web site.

It also does authentication off the NT SAM !! I have been testing it
and it works just fine. Setting up the default Radius profile took some
tinckering. We have an Ascend Max 200+ using an IP pool to provide
dynamic addresses to dialup clients. Here's the profile that works for
me :

Service-type : Framed
Framed-Protocol : PPP
Ascend-Assign-IP-Pool : 1
Framed-IP-Netmask :
Ascend-Route-IP : Route-IP-Yes

The only downside is that it logs to a flat text file only - no ODBC
yet. And the second hassle is that it has no inbuilt reporting utils
for the accounting. So I'm currently in the process of doing these
templates now.

I think it's not a bad option though, considering that any decent Radius
server that does authentication off the NT SAM costs around $5000.


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