Re: Radius & NT RAS * NTMail

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 11 Feb 1998 01:02:18 -0800

Nicolas Gudino wrote:
> I'm using NT RAS to offer dial-up access to the internet, combined with
> NTMAIL for mail service. I have the original RAS that came with NT 4.0. Now
> I'm planning to offer 56k dialup access, so I will buy an ASCEND 4000 or
> LIVINGSTON PM3. Both of them use Radius for authentication.
> Is it possible to user RadiusNT to authenticate both the LIVINGSTON BOXES
> and my current analog lines with RAS? I think I have to upgrade to RRAS,
> but I read that the radius implementation of RRAS is buggy. I'm also

You would have to upgrade to RRAS, unless you configured RadiusNT to
authenticate from your NT SAM.

> concerned about the user base and passwords. I don't want to retype them
> all again, and I would like to use the external authentication for NTMAIL
> so I don't want to maintain two different user tables. And I don't want to
> have a long downtime when switching authentication methods. Is RadiusNT the
> best solution? Any info or insight would be great. Thanks!

You have two choices. Either continue to use the NT SAM, or move to
a system like Emerald that can take all the authentication to its own
user database. Emerald includes a migration option to move the passwords
from the NT SAM to the Emerald database.

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