Radius & NT RAS * NTMail

Nicolas Gudino ( (no email) )
Tue, 10 Feb 1998 20:13:25 -0000


I'm using NT RAS to offer dial-up access to the internet, combined with
NTMAIL for mail service. I have the original RAS that came with NT 4.0. Now
I'm planning to offer 56k dialup access, so I will buy an ASCEND 4000 or
LIVINGSTON PM3. Both of them use Radius for authentication.

Is it possible to user RadiusNT to authenticate both the LIVINGSTON BOXES
and my current analog lines with RAS? I think I have to upgrade to RRAS,
but I read that the radius implementation of RRAS is buggy. I'm also
concerned about the user base and passwords. I don't want to retype them
all again, and I would like to use the external authentication for NTMAIL
so I don't want to maintain two different user tables. And I don't want to
have a long downtime when switching authentication methods. Is RadiusNT the
best solution? Any info or insight would be great. Thanks!