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Rik Thomas ( )
Tue, 10 Feb 1998 23:36:52 -0500

I will keep it short. You are not seeing a 56k connection...plain and
simple. 4k is achievable with a 33.6 connection with good compression,
which you are probably seeing.
Not saying I don't believe just not anywhere in black and white,
nor from any of our lab results. But hey if you are happy and it works for
you....tear it up. This just would never work in an ISP nor telecommuting
environment. I would hate to see the person who originally asked the
question go out and buy a 16 port digi and 16 usr x2's and try and setup
shop....he would probably come looking for you... ;)

There are three primary requirements for x2 speeds to be achieved. They

1.Digital at one end. This end is where the x2 server lies. The
digital line
servicing the x2 server must be an ISDN PRI, ISDN BRI or a
"trunk-side" T1.
This item is taken care of by the ISP/Online Service. Simply
asking your
ISP/Online Service if they support x2 will be good enough to
verify this
2.x2 support at both ends. In order to achieve x2 speeds, both ends
of the
connection must support x2. In other words, you must have an x2
modem(called an x2 client) on your end and your ISP/Online Service
have an x2 device on their end(called an x2 server). To check for
x2 support
on the server side, talk to your ISP/Online service about x2
3.One analog section. This is the section most relevant to you. In
almost all
residential homes, the phone line going into your modem or phone is
analog. This does not mean that it is all analog to the CO(Central
which is a very important aspect.

At 02:00 PM 2/10/98 -0800, John Barret wrote:
>No, you are wrong. :) No offense, but you can setup a standard POTS line
>between two 56K modems and get 56K (almost). The hitch comes in when you
>shuv it through a telco, where it then becomes converted several times back
>and forth if the incoming is analog instead of digital.

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