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Rudy Komsic ( (no email) )
Tue, 10 Feb 1998 16:14:53 -0500

Don't Bother with NT Ras for X2 Technologies since you will not have proper
accounting or monitoring with the software.
I would reccomend getting a Netserver I-16 port and run RadiusNT with Emerald
software. This would be simpler. But if you have to use NT, get a Digiboard
EPC/X Concentrators with USR Modem Pool I-16... Worked great for us. Ran 64
Ports on a Pentium 150 with 80 MB of memory no problems... and Microsoft
recommended a Dual PP 200 for it... go figure...

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Date: February 10, 1998 3:51 PM
Subject: 56K Modems

>Hello all,
>I am a small ISP that offers dialup to our internet business customers
>only. I would ike to try a Us RObotics 56k Modem on my NT Server. I
>would like to try it under RAS. I need to know which modem to
>purchase. I understand that on the host side you need a different modem
>than the standard 56K. Can anyone tell me which external modem to
>purchase? Have you tried it under RAS nt40? Wht do you think? is it
>worth the extra money?
>brent Sheppard
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