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No you don't work for USR, but what you say is true. The TCUs and
Netservers are powerful devices and no one can expect to grasp them in a
day. I went through my hardships, but I'm very glad I have a few today
working flawlessly and serving quality connections.

Seth Crimmins
Systems Administrator
Westelcom Internet

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I do not work for U/3, but here are comments

>I have been (and continue to have) trouble setting up a USR/3COM Netserver
>16i Plus. After hours of effort alone, I contact USR/3COM and they try to
>help. 3 hours later in the course of routine discussion, he asks "Oh, you
>are using COAX? You need a new version of the OS" I download the OS and
>try again. (also, they don't ship with the current modem code - making them
>not X2 capable out of the box, you need to upgrade)
First the amount of product in the channel will result in you never
receiving the latest code in either Ascend, Livingston, or USR products.
By default if you do not pay for premium support then you get the first
level junkies that will always refer to the rev of code and tell you to
upgrade. You might want to check with your vendor as they should have
asked what options you needed and insured that they sold you the box with
the options necessary. As far as shipping with the x2 code. NO USR
terminal server product ships with the x2 code as it is an added cost
option. While free to new purchases, remember the product you are
purchasing is a legacy product. USR is the ONLY vendor to offer software
upgrades to 56K technology.

>The install is slowed due to the need to use a 9600 baud serial connection
>instead of the default 57600. It won't work with 57600.
There is a jumper setting that you can change to set the port speed upto
115200. It's in the docs. First thing I do is to reset these to 115200
everytime. Makes uploading much easier.

>So, I am learning the CLI. I am sitting on BRIs for a couple weeks now that

>are not being used because of this.
USR is not that unresponsive. If you have a call tracking number then
they will follow up until YOU close the ticket. They are now 24x7 support,
if you have just purchased it within 30 days then you should be able to get
support. I would suggest you pay the 10% of premium level II support,
which includes SPARE-IN-THE-AIR.

>I felt familiar with Livingston's setup which was used before. This one is
>far less intuitive.
Yet more powerful.

>If things are quiet in your office and you would like to listen to
>Canon for extended periods call U/3's tech support for you will have it
>repeated as long as you would like. They will pay for the call.
Ah... another soul that can name the music. Really before I paid for
level II support, while waiting for next available I too waited for hours.
Now I have level II I wait no more than 15 minutes. If you have been
working this issue as long as you say, here is how to get the support you
need. Call in and then as soon as a person answers (now less than 15
minutes, since last week when they opened their new call center) ask for
SKIP LASHIER. Tell him your story and within minutes they can get into the
chassis and fix the problem. Be ready in case to have the null modem cable

Yes USR/3Com can be a pain, but if you know the system and how to work the
system they are no different than any other company. Do you have
permissions to totalservice web site? If so you can get into the
newsgroups for your product and many times resolve the problems from
reading past users postings. This message was not designed to blast your
point of view, because I have felt that way myself. Since I now have over
1000 ports of USR and have personal relationships with USR reps, I can see
the other side of the equation and offer advise on how to work USR.

While Livingston provides support for their products without the charge it
is generally not as quick as USR. But with any company if you get the
support contract then you can get them faster. It generally runs less than
10% with any company, and once you get larger then you can get even deeper
discounts, and they will customize support to suit your needs. Also whic
company will be offering the new v.PCM (which will become a number) code on
or before 2/16/98? ONLY USR! I am running the code now as part of the
field trials... and I have a couple of both USR and Lucent chipset
standards based modems connecting above 50K.

P.S. Handels Waters Music is also one of the great tunes.... they play some
wonderful BS.

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