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I receive this message from a complete strange asking me to stop spamming,
but I never send this mail. The original includes this list. How can I stop
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> Carolina
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See our online shopwing list of staff and alumni e-mail addresses! Neal
also maintains the database of all 10,700+ students who passed through
Peary. Mr. Hill turned the database over to Neal to maintain -- thus
Class Reunion Committees in contacting classmates. Neal is also the
Peary/MSO's "Social Director".... because nobody else would do it. Why
nobody else? Because as fun as it may sound, it's a lot of work and a
lot of headaches, but Neal perseveres and is successful at all that he
takes on. In addition, and maybe even more important to Peary alumni,
Neal meets with the Hebrew Academy (the leaseholder of the school
building) and with Montgomery County officials to ensure that Peary
Alums have a say in determining the direction of the "rebuilding"
process so that our memories and experiences within those walls live on,
as you will see in this newsletter. His community involvement is
opening doors of opportunities for us, so that each and every one of us
has a voice in the matter. Neal is also spearheading the effort to form
a 501(c)3 Peary Alumni Association.

STARBUCKS: As you know, 18-year old Aaron Goodrich, a victim of
the murders at Starbucks in Georgetown this past July, was the son and
nephew of Peary alums. Information regarding contributions to the
memorial fund can be found at the website under the "People" section of
the website.

occasionally to follow the Jim (1984) and Marci Anderson Carr (1986)
One-year Cross Country Trek with their dog, Buck. Now over two months
on the road from Maryland in their camper, they were last known to be
around Niagara Falls and headed to the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton. Jim
updates the Carrs' progress on the site about every one to two weeks.

BIRTHDAY CLUB: There is an online form for submitting your birthday
information in preparation of posting alums' birthdays online so the
rest of us can help you celebrate the dag che[] wrote:
> I am looking for a way to use SQL/Crystal Reports to generate dynamic
> reports that can be run by anyone without Crystal knowledge. All I
> would like to do is be able to generate reports with a interface similar
> the "built-in" Emerald Reports, where we could run reports on a given
> on a given day or something like that. CR 5.0 seems to have a very
> support for this, but is not really what I had in mind. Is there a
> mechanism that can do this? Or is there another report software program
> that would work well?
- E-mail and Postal Addresses can be submitted from the website, OR
sent to Postmaster Neal Pizzano:

Happy reading all.....
>Bob Lau, Editor/Webmaster
The Midnight Sun Online


From: Neal Lee Pizzano <> (1976)
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 1997
Subject: Peary High School

I met with Stanley Siegel, Director of Development for the Hebrew
Academy of Greater Washington, on Thursday afternoo

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