Re: FP C++ Exception errors...

David Payer ( (no email) )
Mon, 9 Feb 1998 09:04:19 -0600

: At this point, we can come up with no reasonable explanation as to why
: this is happening. The problems started when we upgraded the FPExt from
: 97 to 98. The funny part, is that not all of our users are having these
: problems, just the one's listed.
: Needless to say, we're getting tired of the uninstall\install dance and
: are wondering if any one has any clues as to why this is happening and
: how to go about fixing it to where it works consistently and our support
: personnel no longer cringe when they hear the words "FrontPage"
: Sam R. Akhtar

Sam, I am going to forward your post to my Front Page customers who can't
believe I have such a hard time with running a FP server. Our permissions
got totally changed when upgrading to FP98. I had do import the sites to my
station, remove the extensions, re-install the extensions and then
republish the site and it works.

I have found you need to add permissions for the site adimistrator via the
FP server administration program and then log on as the administrator of
the NT machine and once again give the permission to the person
(NTusername) via the FP Explorer. Then it works.

Another problem I've had is that when I put the extensions on a new site,
the permissions get altered for an established site. Then I go through the
process again (sometimes I can just log on as the administrator and
reassign rights from FP Explorer and it works).

I cannot help but believe Microsoft has not tightened a screw on this
buggy. Also, the documentation is a bit sparse on the permissions aspect.

David Payer