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rkm ( )
Tue, 3 Feb 1998 21:54:24 -0500

One word of advice here... make sure the card you get is on the current NT

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Subject: Re: Mirroring, Striping, Etc.

>Possibly the best thing you can do (low Budget wise) is get one of the
>new adaptec controller cards.
>I'm not real sure which model number it is but it looks something like
>AAA-131 and AAA-133 the 133 has 3 independant channels where the 131
>has 1.
>they both have built in raid functions.
>that takes all the load off the NT os that is normally associated with
>It makes a Big difference.
>I would Not reccommend running NT's "software" disk striping on anything
>less than a dual pro 200.
>I had a single pro 200 set up with a 2940UW and 2 2gb UW drives striped
>and it was slow.
>I could get a better xfer rate out of them by creating an extended
>volume set rather than the striped set.
>Now someone told me something about a problem with the new cards... but
>that person is quite the moron. I don't really have any personal
>experience with these cards, but I am thinking about getting one...
>any Comments/complaints?
>Nick Muhlbauer
>Elknet Communications
>Troy Cefaratti wrote:
>> At 02:27 PM 2/2/98 -0800, you wrote:
>> >Can someone offer some information regarding performance
>> >improvements/degradation caused by drive mirroring and striping on NT 4?
>> >
>> >We recently added a second drive to our mail server and set it up as a
>> >mirror drive. Since then, it seems to be slower in responding when
>> >mail. It may just be perception, since I am paying more attention to
>> >machine now.
>> >
>> >We are running a PP150 w/128 MB Ram and 2- 2.1 GB SCSI on an Adaptec
>> >
>> Mirroring two drives will be slower due to the fact that the machine
>> EVERYTHING to both drives. The advantages of mirroring are for data
>> recovery should one drive fail.
>> Striping the drives will give you increased speed because a file can be
>> spanned accrossed all of the drives in strip set. (if you have a 3MB
>> and a stripe set of 3 drives, it will write 1MB of the file to each
>> I currently have a strip set under winNT 4.0 consisting of three 5.1GB
>> Maxtor IDE drives. This gives me a 15GB drive partition, and even though
>> they are IDE drives (not even UltraDMA) it is surprisingly fast at data
>> transfers.
>> Striping does have its downside though. If one drive fails, you will
>> the data on ALL the drives.
>> It is because of this that striping WITH parity is a better choice for
>> mission critical applications. And maybe even a "hot spare" drive in the
>> array.
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