Re: Mirroring, Striping, Etc.

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 04 Feb 1998 01:57:13 -0800

Nick Muhlbauer wrote:
> I would Not reccommend running NT's "software" disk striping on anything
> less than a dual pro 200.
> I had a single pro 200 set up with a 2940UW and 2 2gb UW drives striped
> and it was slow.

This is stretching it quite a bit. I run stripping on a Cyrix 166 and
Pentium 133, both with 64mb of memory. The Cyrix has a WD7296 controller
and the the P133 has a AH2940W in it. Both run the same speed processor
wise with stripping 2 2gb wide drives, and the disk access tiem is
about 80% FASTER than when testing with a single drive (no stripe).

So far all the stuff we have done with mirror and striping has worked
well for us. I have a news server running 4 4gb W Differential drives
from a single AH2944W (I will be using a second card in the box, but
don't have the additional chasis to split the drives yet). This
box is running DNews on a dual p133 setup, 128mb RAM and it screams.
Nothing fancy, just solid building of the NT system. Its one of the
fastest news servers I have seen, and the cost was really quite low
compared to what some people put into the equivalent news server.

> I could get a better xfer rate out of them by creating an extended
> volume set rather than the striped set.

I never tried that.

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