Re: Click of Death claims 5

cyborg ( )
Sun, 02 Feb 1997 00:54:19 -0800

I'm not exactly sure of what you have done, but I know that there
is/was a problem on the Macs that would wipe out the disk. This problem
is a Device driver (or whatever they called it on the Mac) software
problem. Update is available from Iomega, but I have never heard of this
happen on PCs though I had a drive myself and my brother still has one,
but never complained.
What exactly did you do to get that nasty result?


Chilton wrote:
> >You didn't sppecify if this happened on a Macintosh system or on Windows
> >based machine.
> >
> >.Endre
> Happened on both, and I kept portions of my BeOS on one of the now dead
> Zip disks. I go between systems quite regularly. But the drive stays in
> one place. I just move the cable as I need to.
> -Chilton
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